Aug 19, 2011

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Cheryl B. Anderson
Ancient Laws and Contemporary Controversies: The Need for Inclusive Biblical Interpretation
Reviewed by William R. G. Loader
Joshua Blau
Phonology and Morphology of Biblical Hebrew: An Introduction
Reviewed by Jeremy M. Hutton
J. Harold Ellens
The Son of Man in the Gospel of John
Reviewed by Cornelis Bennema
Shelly Matthews
Perfect Martyr: The Stoning of Stephen and the Construction of Christian Identity
Reviewed by Robert Brawley
Reviewed by Richard I. Pervo
Allan J. McNicol, David B. Peabody, J. Samuel Subramanian, eds.
Resourcing New Testament Studies: Literary, Historical, and Theological Essays in Honor of David L. Dungan
Reviewed by M. Eugene Boring
Daniel C. Snell
Religions of the Ancient Near East
Reviewed by Gert T. M. Prinsloo
Robert B. Stewart, ed.
The Reliability of the New Testament: Bart Ehrman and Daniel Wallace in Dialogue
Reviewed by Tony Costa
Reviewed by Michael R. Licona
Bruce K. Waltke and James M. Houston, with Erika Moore
The Psalms as Christian Worship: A Historical Commentary
Reviewed by Eduan Naudé

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