Aug 23, 2011

Neglecting the Greek New Testament

"One of the most heart-breaking and deplorable things in the 2000 years of church history, is the almost universal neglect by preachers, of the Greek New Testament, with the consequent impoverishment of its message. What a wealth of truth the church has missed in all these years, hidden away back there in the Greek text. Only the one who has fallen in live with the Greek New Testament, only the one who has tasted of its riches, can appreciate the loss involved in its neglect. As the apostasy grows, and the darkness of this age grows deeper, it behooves those servants of God who have a knowledge of Greek, to make the best use of their Greek New Testaments. Thus, the light of the gospel will become more intense and will pierce the surrounding darkness with a brighter beam, lighting many a ship-wrecked sailor on the vast ocean of human life, to the haven of rest, even the Lord Jesus. The Greek New Testament blazed the way for the Reformation, and pierced the spiritual darkness of the middle ages, lighting up the whole of Europe. The Word of God will glow with a great brilliance in the pulpit of any pastor who is a student of that Book of books."

Kenneth S. Wuest and revised by Donald L. Wise, The Practical Use of the Greek New Testament, Revised ed. (Chicago: Moody, 1982), 114.

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