Sep 10, 2011

Pedantry in the Use of Greek in Preaching

Kenneth Wuest notes that pedanticism needs to be avoided in the pulpit. Concerning this point Wuest notes:  

"There is no place in the Christian pulpit for a display or affectation of learning. Nor should there be any undue emphasis placed upon minutiae in the presentation of one’s knowledge when preaching the Word. The trained exegete will leave the technicalities connected with the grammar and syntax of the Greek language, back where they belong, in his study. He will bring only the finished product with him into the pulpit. To talk about the aorist tense, for instance, to an audience that could not tell the difference between it and the side of a barn, is pedantic. To mention a Greek word in an address to an audience that does not know Greek, is likewise pedantic."

Kenneth S. Wuest and revised by Donald L. Wise, The Practical Use of the Greek New Testament, Revised ed. (Chicago: Moody, 1982), 135.

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