Oct 22, 2011

Five Kinds of Fools

Richard Mayhue notes that Scripture identifies five kinds of fools.

1. The fool who rejects God (Pss 14:1; 53:1)
2. The fool who rejects the cross of Christ (1 Cor 1:18)
3. The fool who disobeys God’s Word with respect to salvation (Matt 7:26–27)
4. The fool who fails to believe all of God’s Word (Luke 24:25)
5. The “fool” who lives wholeheartedly for Christ’s sake (1 Cor 4:10).

What kind of fool are you?

Richard Mayhue, Practicing Proverbs: Wise Living for Foolish Times (Ross-Shire: Christian Focus, 2003), 62–64.

1 comment:

Mike Gantt said...

Let us hope we are all "fools" for Him who loved us and released us from our sins by His blood.