Dec 11, 2011

God in Esther

"There is one other character in the book of Esther who keeps an even lower profile than the eunuchs, but who is even more important for the happy resolution of both Esther’s story and our own. That character is God."

. . . .

"All of this is to say that God is very much a character in this book, though one who evidently prefers to remain anonymous. This should be of considerable comfort to those of us who are struggling to remain faithful in the midst of an unfaithful culture. Like the Jews, the women, and the eunuchs in the book of Esther, we must make difficult decisions about whether to adopt, reject, or adapt to our situation. Yet God is with us in the midst of that struggle. We may wish at times that God’s presence and power were a little more obvious. But as the incarnation itself illustrates, even God sometimes chooses to steer from the front.”

Carol Bechtel, Esther, Interpretation (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2002), 13–14.


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Nathaniel Simmons said...

That is a great reminder that the entire Bible is about God. That is why we can look at Esther and learn about his provision even when he appears to be primarily in the background.