Feb 5, 2012

Resources on Acts

Shane Lems has presented some of his favorite resources for studying Acts at his blog here. Shane lists the following resources.

Luke Timothy Johnson’s The Acts of the Apostles in the “Sacra Pagina” series.
Dennis Johnson’s The Message of Acts.
William Willimon’s Acts in the “Interpretation” series.
F. F. Bruce’s The Book of Acts in the NICNT series.
Zondervan’s “Acts” Biblical Backgrounds Commentary.
J. Fitzmyer’s The Acts of the Apostles in the Anchor Bible Commentary series.
John Calvin’s Commentary on Acts. It’s Calvin! 
Clinton Arnold’s Powers of Darkness.

The is a pretty solid list, but I think that the commentaries by Bock, Polhill, and C.K Barrett are at least as good if not better than some of the commentaries on this list. Barrett's volumes (1-14 and 15-28) are the most technical of the three, but it is well worth consulting.

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