Mar 14, 2012

The Lukan "Must"

Yesterday, I listed twenty themes from John Navone's book, Themes of St. Luke.  Today, I give you the opening paragraph from the discussion on the Lukan "must."

"'Must' (dei) occurs 44 times in Lucan writings out of the 102 times it is found in the New Testament. The Lucan 'must' expresses God's governing providence in the life of Jesus, as well as the necessity of accomplishing his Father's salvific will. It is particularly linked with the Passion which Jesus must undergo. The first text in which it is found in all the Synoptics alludes to the prophecies of Isa 53; Ps 118; Hos 6.2: 'The Son of Man must suffer much' (9:22 = Matt 16.21; Mk 8:31)."
John Navone, Themes of St. Luke (Rome: Gregorian University Press, 1970), 100.

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