Jun 17, 2012

Bulletin for Biblical Research 22:2

The latest issue of the Bulletin for Biblical Research is out. Here is a list of the articles.
Toward a Theory of the Poetry of the Hebrew Bible: The Poetry of the Psalms as a Test Case
Beat Weber

The Book as Specimen, Talisman, and Dragoman in Africa: A Look at Some African Uses of the Psalms and 1 Corinthians 12–14
Grant LeMarquand

Paul and Sedition: Pauline Apologetic in Acts

Craig S. Keener

Rewriting Prophets in the Corinthian Correspondence: A Window on Paul’s Hermeneutic

J. David Stark

The Spiritual Powers of Ephesians 6:10–18 in the Light of African Pentecostal Spirituality

J. Ayodeji Adewuya

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