Jun 12, 2012

Latest Issue of Bibliotheca Sacra

The July-September 2012 issue of Bibliotheca Sacra is now out. The issue contains the following articles.

The Day of the Lord and the Rapture, part 3 of 4 parts of "The Day of the Lord"
Craig A. Blaising

Premillenialism in the Ante-Nicene Church
H. wayne House

The Believer's Intermediate State after Death
Larry J. Waters

The Conquest of Jericho: A Narrative Paradigm for Theocratic Policy
Eugene H. Merrill

An Alternate Solution to an Alleged Contradiction in the Gospels
Monte A. Shanks

What is the Meaning of "Idols" in 1 John 5:21?
Benjamin L. Merkle

Have the Prophecies in Revelation 17–18 about Babylon been Fulfilled? Part 3
Andrew M Woods

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