Jul 26, 2012

A Return to Biblical Preaching

Although the following was published by John Bright in 1967, I think that the message still needs to be heeded.

"But first a plea—and perhaps a rather homiletical one—that ought not to be necessary., but unfortunately is: a plea for a return to biblical preaching generally, which is to say, to preach based on the authority of the biblical Word. The overriding concern in the entire discussion, and the one that caused it to be undertaken in the first place, has been that such preaching be done. The strength of the church lies in the gospel it proclaims—thus in its preaching—today, as it always has. And since the church stands under the authority of the Word, it follows that the best preaching—nay, the only proper preaching—is biblical preaching. Only biblical preaching carries with it the authority of the Word.If therefore, the Christian pulpit is ever to regain the power and respect which rightfully belongs to it, it will be through a return to biblical preaching."

John Bright, The Authority of the Old Testament (London: SCM Press, 1967), 162. 

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