Sep 12, 2012

The Value of Preaching the Old Testament Historical Books

"So within the larger narrative of the Bible, the historical books have an essential role to play. How can a congregation marvel at the coming of the righteous Son of David if they are not familiar with the failures of the Davidic kings who ruled before him? How can they understand the depth of God’s compassion and mercy if they have not grappled with Israel’s rebellious and stubborn heart? How can your congregation fully grasp the extent of Israel’s idolatry, and indeed, the plight of humanity, without the books of Judges and Kings? While the law is given during the time of Moses, it is the historical books—books such as Judges, Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles—that show whether or not the Israelites actually obeyed God’s laws. It is the historical books that reveal the character of God, and our sinful nature, which is exposed so powerfully in the story of Israel.”

Carol M. Kaminski, “Preaching from the Historical Books,” in Preaching the Old Testament , ed. Scott M. Gibson (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2006), 64.


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