Nov 4, 2012

A Good Word about Education

“Without doubt, your time at college or university will be a life-changing experience. However, the extent to which it affects you depends in large part on how you invest yourself in it. We have suggested that adopting a mindset of “engaged learning” will help in this regard. Instead of seeing your education simply as a means to an end—an exercise that will result in a degree—we hope you will view the entire process as a chance to be an active learner who is engaging with the subjects that matter and making a difference in the world. As an engaged learner, you will have the opportunity not only to understand the subjects you are studying, but also to contribute in new and meaningful ways to the world around you.”

Margot Northey, Bradford A. Anderson, and Joel N. Lohr, Making Sense: A Student's Guide to Research and Writing: Religious Studies (Don Mills, Ont: Oxford University Press, 2012), 11.


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