Dec 19, 2012

New Resource: Treaty, Law and Covenant in the Ancient Near East

A recent Tyndale House email noted the publication of Treaty, Law and Covenant in the Ancient Near East by Kenneth A. Kitchen and Paul J. N. Lawrence. The following is the publisher's description:

"This work presents a far-reaching social profile of life in the Ancient Near East, based on its wealth of law-collections, treaties and covenants through three millennia. Volume 1 sets out a uniquely comprehensive corpus of over 100 such documents in 10 languages, mostly displayed in facing-page transliterations and English translations with individual bibliographies. Volume 2 provides essential philological and background commentary to the texts, fully indexes their subject-matter, and concludes with a revolutionary and innovative series of full-colour diagrams of every text, vividly highlighting variations through the centuries. Finally, Volume 3 outlines the flowing interplay of political history, changing social norms and varying documentary formats throughout the whole period. Taken together, this tryptich offers a striking and indispensable new overview of its multifaceted world for Ancient Near-Eastern and biblical studies."

This looks like a wonderful resource but will beyond the budget of most folks. But perhaps your favorite university or seminary library will get a copy.

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