Jan 7, 2013

Dr. Stan Toussaint

This is a bit late. But I am hoping that the aphorism "better late than never" applies here. In any case, one of my favorite professors at Dallas Theological Seminary has retired. Dr. Stan Toussaint taught at Dallas for 47 years. That fact alone is worthy of distinction. But what  is even more noteworthy is the positive and powerful influence that "Dr. T." had on so many students (including myself) over the years. My life and ministry have never been the same since taking Dr. T.'s classes and then later having the great privilege and opportunity of filling in for him on occasion. He was a master at balancing and blending the academic with the pastoral, the rigorous examination of the text with an equally rigorous application of that text to life. I count my time with Dr. T. as one of God's gracious blessings

You can read a nice write up on Dr. Toussaint here.

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