May 30, 2013

Access to the Bible Translator

I recently received an email from Sage Publications which noted that they are now publishing The Bible Translator from 2013 on behalf of United Bible Societies. Sage is offering free access to the journal until the end of June. The email highlighted the following articles.

Translation, Exegesis, and 1 Thessalonians 2.14–15: Could a Comma Have Changed the Course of History?
Stanley E. Porter (April 2013)

Looking in the Old Testament for the Epic Genre
Roger Bullard (April 2013)

Hearing the Voice of the Other: Engaging Poets and Writers as Bible Translators, with a Case Study on Isaiah 7.14
Hans-Olav Mørk (July 2012)

A Feminist Approach to Bible Translation: Translating John 4.7b-26 into Korean Addressee Honorifics
Ji Youn Cho (October 2011)

Ethical Concerns and Worldview Perspectives in Bible Translation: An Inquiry into the Ethics of Bible Translation
Krijn Van Der Jagt (July 2010)


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