May 3, 2013

Words from Waltke

I mentioned in a few days ago that I am scanning some old articles from my files. Today, I came across one by Bruce Waltke. He has good words for those of us who are involved in the academic study of the Bible.

"A major temptation confronting any student is that instead of seeking God in his or her own discipline he or she seeks personal achievement and human recognition through it. In a word, we are ever in danger of becoming ‘worldlings,’ by which I mean seeking ‘success’ according to secular evaluations instead of according to sacred values."

A bit later in the article, Waltke states.

"A student cannot say he is devoted to God who carelessly treats the empirical data in which he revealed himself. Here, however, we must face the reality that we are in the process of growing in our knowledge of accredited exegetical procedure and in our application of it to the literature, and therefore as we improve in our exegesis we mature in our knowledge of God."

Bruce K. Waltke, "On How to Study the Psalms Devotionally," Crux 16 (1980): 2, 3. 


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