Jun 12, 2013

New Testament Studies 59:3

The latest issue of the New Testament Studies is out. Here is a list of the articles.

Passover and Last Supper Revisited
Joel Marcus

pp 303-324

Der Geist und das Reich im Lukanischen Werk: Konkurrenz oder Konvergenz zwischen Pneumatologie und Eschatologie?
Klaus B. Haacker
pp 325-345

The Improper Temple Offering of Ananias and Sapphira
Anthony Le Donne
pp 346-364

The Election of Officers in the Corinthian Christ-Group
Richard Last
pp 365-381

‘Peace and Security’ (1 Thessalonians 5.3): Is It Really a Roman Slogan?
Joel R. White
pp 382-395

The Benefactor's Account-book: The Rhetoric of Gift Reciprocation according to Seneca and Paul
Thomas R. Blanton
pp 396-414

Justification, Good Works, and Creation in Clement of Rome's Appropriation of Romans 5–6
David J. Downs
pp 415-432

Reciprocity as Salvation: Christ as Salvific Patron and the Corresponding ‘Payback’ Expected of Christ's Earthly Clients according to the Second Letter of Clement
James A. Kelhoffer
pp 433-456

Taking up and Raising, Fixing and Loosing: A Chiastic Wordplay in Acts 2.23b-24.
Benjamin R. Wilson
pp 457-460 


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