Jul 17, 2013

Summary of Malachi

This is a nice summary of the book of Malachi from J. D. W. Watts.

The last of the prophetic books is Malachi. It epitomizes the prophetic insistence on God’s continued love for this chosen people. It is very practical in demanding faith and faithfulness in the realistic situations in which priest and people find themselves. It insists on the reality of God, his presence, his purpose, and his love. It also knows that he distinguishes sharply between true worship and false, between genuine dedication and sham, and between a quality of life consistent with the Torah and one that is not. He will tolerate no lowering of these standards. Malachi proclaims the importance of God’s will as revealed through the Torah (4:4). It also calls for a look to the future when God’s intervention will come. And it promises a prophetic figure, Elijah, to intercede with the people in calling them to faith. It relates the Law and the Prophets to each other and binds the people to observance of both. These verses tie the Latter Prophets with the Pentateuch (Moses) and with the Former Prophets (Elijah).

J. D. W. Watts, "Introduction to the Book of Malachi," Review and Expositor 84 (1987): 373–74. 


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