Aug 7, 2013

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Christoph Dohmen
Studien zu Bilderverbot und Bildtheologie des Alten Testaments
Reviewed by Sven Petry

Mark W. Elliott
The Heart of Biblical Theology: Providence Experienced
Reviewed by Mark McEntire

Larry R. Helyer
The Life and Witness of Peter
Reviewed by Timothy P. Henderson

Matthias Henze, ed.
Hazon Gabriel: New Readings of the Gabriel Revelation
Reviewed by Aaron Koller

Jan Joosten
The Verbal System of Biblical Hebrew: A New Synthesis Elaborated on the Basis of Classical Prose
Reviewed by Jerome Lund

Granville J. R. Kent
Say It Again, Sam: A Literary and Filmic Study of Narrative Repetition in 1 Samuel 28
Reviewed by Andrew Steinmann

Yoo-Ki Kim
The Function of the Tautological Infinitive in Classical Biblical Hebrew
Reviewed by Hubert James Keener

R. Reed Lessing
Isaiah 40–55
Reviewed by Alphonso Groenewald

Rüdiger Lux
Hiob: Im Räderwerk des Bösen
Reviewed by Urmas Nommik

Andrew G. Shead
A Mouth Full of Fire: The Word of God in Jeremiah
Reviewed by Hallvard Hagelia

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