Dec 13, 2013

The Story of the Holy Land

The kind folks at Kregel recently sent me a copy of The Story of the Holy Land: A Visual History by Peter Walker. This is an attractive book. The selection of pictures and printing are outstanding. As a visual history, this work is divided into seven chapters.

1. Canaanites and Israelites (1950–1050 BC)

2. Tribes and Kings (1050–587 BC)

3. Refugees and Greeks (587–40 BC)

4. The Crucial Century (40 BC–AD 70)

5. Romans and Byzantines (AD 70–630)

6. Muslims and Crusaders (AD 630–1291)

7. Ottomans and Westerners (AD 1291–1948)

Not everyone will agree with some of the dates presented in the book (e.g., the late date of the Exodus) but this nice resource. 

You can access an excerpt here.

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