Jan 20, 2014

Dunn on the Oral Gospel Tradition

The Eerdword blog (the blog for Eerdmans) has posted an interview with James Dunn related to the oral gospel tradition.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Dunn, seems to lay a heavy emphasis on "oral tradition", but my question is, what has been found to be the best way to bring evidence? If we go to a court room, don't they usually seek a tangible evidence to establish what is true or not? I believe that which was oral was safeguarded with a written instrument.

Charles Savelle said...

Perhaps, but one needs to be careful here since the culture of Jesus' day appears to be much more oral than literary. For example, rabbinic teachings appear to be oral and only committed to a written form after the New Testament period. Yet the rabbinic precepts appear to have been held to be authoritative.