Jan 7, 2014

God's Hiddeness as Self-Revelation

I have been making my way through a set of essays on the Psalms and was struck by the following comment made by Allen Ross concerning lament psalms (my bold).

“All of this recognition that God’s hiddenness is a part of his self-revelation. Since only a God who reveals himself can hide himself, hiddenness is an important aspect of divine revelation. The reports of the psalmists’ struggles with a hidden God remind us that God is not predictably accessible, that his self-disclosure is the result of his free and sovereign self-determination. He is not at the ‘beck and call’ of people; neither is he automatically accessible through the sanctuary ritual. Rather, God’s promise of making his presence known to the afflicted is a call for faith (Pss. 34:18; 145:18).”

Allen P. Ross, “The ‘Thou’ Sections of Laments,” in The Psalms: Language for All Seasons of the Soul, ed. Andrew J. Schmutzer and David M. Howard Jr. (Chicago: Moody, 2013), 137.

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