Mar 15, 2014

The Expository Reading of Scripture

“Scripture reading is the missing jewel in much contemporary evangelical preaching. Think about the sermon you heard or preached last weekend. How well was the Scripture read? If you were the one preaching, how much time did you spend preparing yourself or someone else to read the text? Oddly enough, we spend little time preparing to read the text. This is not surprising, I suppose, given the fact that just about anyone, let alone pastors, can read off the cuff. Yet there is a place for the expository reading of Scripture. It can enrich worshipers whether or not it is connected to the sermon, but especially serves us well when we preach the longer text in the Gospels.”

Steven D. Mathewson, Preaching the Four Gospels with Confidence (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2013),23-24.


Brian Small said...

I had a speech professor in college that actually taught us how to read scripture publicly.

Charles Savelle said...

I wish I would have received that. But I have tried to work on getting better at it on my own.