Apr 15, 2014

A Training Manual for Demons

Jared Moore has a Screwtape Letters-like post that is worth reading here. In the post, Jared mentions 20 ways to lead God's people astray. One might not agree with all 20 points but I think Jared nails it more often than not. In any case, here is his list but you really must read the entire post.

1. Christianize popular ideas.
2. Put heresy in a Christian song with Christian lingo and a good beat.
3. Appeal to adolescence.
4. Put heresy in a song with some sentimentality.
5. Create an atmosphere that makes people feel good.
6. Appeal to the sinful nature.
7. Tell amazing stories.
8. Appeal to the idolatry of your hearers.
9. Speak in non-absolutes.
10. Dress it up in new clothes.
11. Major on specific Bible verses while intentionally ignoring those that contradict your interpretation.
12. Change definitions.
13. Accustom your hearers to statements you tout as facts that cannot be proven.
14. Appear cool, sweet, hip, or simply different from other pastors.
15. Pray like you’re a priest in the pulpit.
16. Get everyone to like your personality.
17. Create a CANON within the Canon.
18. Grow the crowd numerically.
19. Speak of previous heretics as martyrs.
20. Increase giving and baptisms.

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