Apr 22, 2014

Themelios 39.1

The latest edition of Themelios is out and available as a pdf  here. The main articles include:

D. A. Carson | EDITORIAL: Do the Work of an Evangelist

Michael J. Ovey | OFF THE RECORD: The Covert Thrill of Violence? Reading the Bible in Disbelief

Brian J. Tabb | Editor's Note

Thomas R. Schreiner | A Biblical Theologian Reviews Gerald Bray's Systematic Theology (with a response from Gerald Bray)

Gerald Bray | A Systematician Reviews Tom Schreiner's Biblical Theology (with a response from Thomas R. Schreiner)

Collin Hansen | Revival Defined and Defended: How the New Lights Tried and Failed to Use America's First Religious Periodical to Quiet Critics and Quell Radicals

Robert W. Yarbrough | Should Evangelicals Embrace Historical Criticism? The Hays-Ansberry Proposal

Ray Van Neste | PASTORAL PENSÉES: The Care of Souls: The Heart of the Reformation

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