Nov 24, 2014

Dale Ralph Davis on Joshua 22

In looking at the altar-making crisis in Joshua 22, I found the following point by Dale Ralph Davis to be spot on.

“Now to chapter 22; let us try to mount the right hermeneutical horse at the outset. Clearly, the keynote of this chapter is the pervasive passion for fidelity to Yahweh (e.g., vv. 5, 19, 29, 31). Hence, we must beware of moralizing the text into anything less, such as the peril of rumor, the tragedy of misunderstanding, or the need to talk out problems reasonably. Those may be commendable concerns, but they do not constitute the main freight of chapter 22” (No Falling Words: Expositions of the Book of Joshua [Grand Rapids: Baker, 1988], 167).

I know that Davis’ point may cause some sermons to be reworked but he captures the issue at hand so well and so succinctly.

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