Dec 19, 2014

The Psalms as Christian Lament

Those interested in the Psalms might also be interested in The Psalms as Christian Lament: A Historical Commentary. This volume written by Bruce K. Waltke, James M. Houston, and Erika Moore offers “Informed historical-theological-pastoral insights into ten lament psalms ten lament psalms, including six of the seven traditional penitential psalms, covering Psalms 5, 6, 7, 32, 38, 39, 44, 102, 130, and 143.” The eleven chapters of the book are as follows.

1. The Psalms as Christian Lament
2. Psalm 5: A Royal Petition for Protection from Malicious Liars
3. Psalm 6: Pursuit of Royal Excellence
4. Psalm 7: A Royal Petition for Cosmic Justice
5. Psalm 32: Forgiveness for the Justified
6. Psalm 38: The Dance between Deserved and Undeserved Judgment
7. Psalm  39: The Lament of Silence in the Pastoral Theology of Erasmus
8. Psalm 44: Lament in National Catastrophe
9. Psalm 102: The Prayer of an Afflicted Person
10. Psalm 130: Lament of the Sinner before the Triune God of Grace
11. Psalm 143: The Lament of the Justified

Each section consists of four parts: (1) voice of the church, (2) voice of the psalmist:translation, (3) commentary, and (4) conclusion.

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