Jan 20, 2015

The Gospel of Matthew by Davies and Allison

Those who have done serious work in the Gospel of Matthew are certainly familiar with the ICC commentary by W. D. Davies and Dale Allison. What I had not realized is the extent to which this helpful work can be attributed to Allison. Note the following comment by William Baird in his History of New Testament Research: Volume Three

"Davies is credited with the publication of massive three-volume commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, in which all three volumes list him as the lead author. Although Davies was the inspiration, architect, and supervisor of this monumental project, most of the actual research and writing (virtually all in volumes 2 and 3) was done by Dale Allison. Allison became a student of Davies at Duke in 1977 and worked with him on the Gospel of Matthew for almost two decades. He served as Davies's research assistant during the time Davies was at Texas Christian University (1981-85). Allison knew the mind and method of Davies and incorporated them into this comprehensive commentary on Matthew" (p. 298).

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