Feb 9, 2015

Where Was Herod’s Augusteum?

Ferrell Jenkins has a very nice post here related to the location of Herod’s Augusteum. Many would hold that it was located in Caesarea Philippi/Banias/Panias but as Ferrell notes a good case can be made for Omrit. John Francis Wilson has a good discussion in Caesarea Philippi: Banias, the Lost City of Pan (London: I. B. Tauris, 2004), 11-16. Also,  some numismatists suggest that Herod’s Augusteum can be seen on the coins of Herod Philip. See David Hendin's Guide to Biblical Coins (New York: Amphora, 2010), 255-62, and Ya’akov Meshorer, A Treasury of Jewish Coins (Nyack, NY: Amphora, 2001), 85-90.

As many Bible students know, Caesarea Philippi is associated with Peter's famous confession concerning Jesus' identity (Matt 16:13-20; Mark 8:27-30).


Shmuel Browns said...

You might like to check out my post with photos at http://israel-tourguide.info/2012/11/13/temple-at-omrit-herod-or-philip/ about Omrit.
If you are planning a trip to Israel I guide the site at Omrit.

Charles Savelle said...

Thanks for sharing your post, Shmuel.I would like very much to visit Omrit one day.