Mar 12, 2015

Christopher Wright on Preaching

Christopher J, H, Wright is the featured speaker this week for the World Evangelization Conference at Dallas Theological Seminary. I have enjoyed Dr. Wright's plenary addresses. You can view the first message here and others will be posted later. I also had the privilege of joining the faculty for a luncheon with Dr. Wright. A number of questions were asked but one question in particular stood out for me concerning his work with the Langham Partnership. As some may know, one component of Langham's ministry is to equip pastors to preach and teach the Bible. When Wright was asked about the biggest challenge in training pastors to preach, he responded by saying, it was to encourage pastors to preach the Bible, that is to preach it expositionally. He was speaking primarily of the majority world context, but I would venture to say that the problem is here in the US as well. I am thankful for ministries like Langham that seek to encourage expository preaching.  

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