Jan 15, 2016

Favorite Bible Atlases

J. Carl Laney identifies and discusses his five favorite Bible atlases here.The list is fairly good but I am not sure why Laney lists the older edition of Rasmussen's atlas. I think that the 2010 edition has much nicer graphics (see my review here). Also, I wonder whether you need two versions of Rasmussen. it might be better to include something like Beitzel's The New Moody Bible Atlas of the Bible or the ESV Bible Atlas.

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Greg Parsons said...

I agree with you on Rasmussen's superior graphics (2010) and the addition of ESV Bible atlas [see my review of this ESV Bible Atlas. (by John D. Currid and David P. Barrett (2010]) in Criswell Theological Review n.s. 9 (Spring 2012):113-115.] and the ((New) Moody Bible Atlas (by B Beitzel) which you reviewed in the same journal in 2011.
Greg Parsons