Jun 27, 2016

The Paragogic Nun in Ruth 1:9

I appreciated this post on the use of the paragogic nun in Ruth 1:9 and its implications. But, I would probably exercise a bit more caution given the uncertainty concerning the paragogic nun. The author's applicational point might be made on the basis of the language alone, which a number of interpreters consider to be idiomatic.


Robert Holmstedt said...

Caution is warranted. It's not a paragogic nun, but the 3fp pronoun, "their voice".

Unknown said...

Yes we appreciate the zeal to use the Hebrew text, but unfortunately a little Hebrew can be a dangerous thing. Robert is certainly correct. It is not a paragogic (or so-called energic nun) which occurs with verbs not nouns. The nun here is one of the two normal 3fp pronouns "their voice" Greg Parsons