Sep 15, 2016

Richard Bauckham Festschrift

Eerdmans is publishing a new collection of essays in honor of Richard Bauckham. You can read more about it here but the table of contents are as follows.

Part 1: Thematic Studies

The Birth of God and the Resurrection of Life
Jürgen Moltmann

Time and Eternity: Richard Bauckham and the Fifth Evangelist
Jeremy S. Begbie

Parmenides, Particularity, and Parousia: Identifying the One Who Will Come to Judge the Living and the Dead
Trevor Hart

The Bible and Wider Culture: Animals as a Test Case
David Brown

Worship and Divine Identity: Richard Bauckham’s Christological Pilgrimage
Larry W. Hurtado

“The Agent of the King Is Treated as the King Himself ”: Does the Worship of Jesus Imply His Divinity?
Philip Alexander

Christianity without Paul
James D. G. Dunn

Part 2: Textual Studies

God Put Jesus Forth: Reflections on Romans 3:24–26
N. T. Wright

Jesus the Baptist: The First Temptation of Christ
Sean M. McDonough

Giving the Kingdom to an Ethnos That Will Bear Its Fruit: Ethnic and Christ-Movement Identities in Matthew
Philip F. Esler

Mark’s Gospel for the Second Church of the Late First Century
Bruce W. Longenecker

The Book of Revelation and the Hekhalot Literature
James R. Davila

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