Nov 5, 2016

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member.

Ward Blanton
A Materialism for the Masses: Saint Paul and the Philosophy of Undying Life
Reviewed by Steven J. Kraftchick
Reviewed by Joseph A. Marchal

Emma England and William John Lyons, eds.
Reception History and Biblical Studies: Theory and Practice
Reviewed by C. L. Seow

Irving Finkel and Jonathan Taylor
Cuneiform: Ancient Scripts
Reviewed by John L. Ellison

Stephan Hagenow
Heilige Gemeinde – Sündige Christen: Zum Umgang mit postkonversionaler Sünde bei Paulus und in weiteren Texten des Urchristentums
Reviewed by Lars Kierspel

Julia Linke
Das Charisma der Könige: Zur Konzeption des altorientalischen Königtums im Hinblick auf Urartu
Reviewed by Michael S. Moore

Caterina Moro
I sandali di Mosè: Storia di una tradizione ebraica
Reviewed by Andrea Ravasco

Daniel D. Pioske
David’s Jerusalem: Between Memory and History
Reviewed by Kyle H. Keimer

Pamela Shellberg
Cleansed Lepers, Cleansed Hearts: Purity and Healing in Luke-Acts
Reviewed by Kindalee Pfremmer De Long
Reviewed by Sharon Jacob

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