Feb 9, 2017

New Dead Sea Scrolls Cave

This was heavily reported yesterday but just in case you missed it, a new cave, the twelfth, that likely held some Dead Sea Scrolls has been discovered and excavated. Unfortunately, no new scrolls or fragments of scrolls with texts were found. But they did find, pieces of six jars consistent with those that contained scrolls found in the other caves, papyrus and parchment fragments, a leather strap that might have been used to tie scrolls, Neolithic flint tools, and a carnelian stamp seal. Two modern pickaxes were also found, suggesting that the cave had been looted.

There are too many sources to list. But the Hebrew University of Jerusalem story has links for good quality photos here. The Logos Academic blog has additional photos and explanation here. The Washington Post has a good article here.

Although it is bit early to tell, this discovery might support at least two points. First, there are likely other caves yet to be discovered. Second, that some of the recent Dead Sea Scrolls fragments that have been sold recently might be authentic. But great caution should be exercised before we know more.

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