Mar 20, 2017

Lot in Genesis 19

In Genesis 19, there are several clues that Lot may have compromised morally and spiritually. Consider the following list.
  • Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom (19:1).
  • Lot addressed the wicked men of Sodom as “brothers” (19:7).
  • Lot was willing to offer his two daughters to the wicked men of Sodom (19:8).
  • Lot was willing to let his daughters marry men from Sodom (19:14).
  • Lot’s sons-in-law do not take his warning seriously (19:14).

For these reasons, we might be somewhat surprised that Lot can be described as righteous and implied as godly (2 Pet 2:7-9). But there might be clues that Lot's character was more righteous than it might first appear.
  • Abraham's attempted negotiations in the previous chapter might suggest that Lot was "righteous" (18:16-33).
  • Lot's hospitality towards the visitors is commendable (19:1-3).
  • Lot's attempt to protect the visitors and dissuade the men of Sodom (19:6-8).
  • The men of Sodom's view of Lot as an outsider and as a judge (19:9).
  • The angel's favorable treatment of Lot might imply it (19:10, 12, 15, 16, 21).

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