Feb 27, 2018

The Purpose of Biblical Theology

Scot Hafemann, recalling a challenge articulated by the late Carl F. H. Henry of an "articulation of an enduring Christian life and worldview with revelatory excitement that transcends technological science and heralds an unreviseable truth claim that replies to critics who decry reason," rightly suggests the following. "The purpose of biblical theology, if history and theology, faith and reason, 'law and gospel' can be wed again, is to answer this need, and in so doing to find doxology at the end of theology. For the final goal of biblically driven and integrated theology is not knowledge per se, but praise."

Scott Hafemann, “What’s the Point of Biblical Theology? Reflections Prompted by Brevard Childs,” in BiblicalTheology: Past, Present, and Future, ed. Corey Walsh and Mark. W Elliott, (Cascade: Eugene, OR, 2016), 120.

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