Jul 23, 2018

The Latest Issue of the Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member. 

Craig G. Bartholomew and Heath A. Thomas, eds., A Manifesto for Theological Interpretation
Reviewed by Devin L. White

Elizabeth Boase and Christopher G. Frechette, eds., Bible through the Lens of Trauma
Reviewed by John R. L. Moxon

Mark J. Boda, Exploring Zechariah, Volume 2: The Development and Role of Biblical Traditions in Zechariah
Reviewed by Göran Eidevall

Philip R. Davies, The History of Ancient Israel: A Guide for the Perplexed
Reviewed by Daniel Pioske

Frances Flannery and Rodney A. Werline, eds., The Bible in Political Debate: What Does It Really Say?
Reviewed by Joel Stephen Williams

James R. Harrison and L. L. Welborn, eds., The First Urban Churches 1: Methodological Foundations
Reviewed by Jin Ki Hwang

Richard B. Hays, Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels
Reviewed by Cornelis Bennema

C. Kavin Rowe, One True Life: The Stoics and Early Christians as Rival Traditions
Reviewed by Joshua Marshall Strahan

Stephen C. Russell, The King and the Land: A Geography of Royal Power in the Biblical World
Reviewed by Rachel Havrelock

Steve Smith, The Fate of the Jerusalem Temple in Luke-Acts: An Intertextual Approach to Jesus’ Laments over Jerusalem and Stephen’s Speech 

Reviewed by C. Jason Borders

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