Nov 22, 2018

Theological Themes Drawn from the Use of the Old Testament In Romans

"As Romans employs the Old Testament, drawn from diverse canonical units and text-types, in creative combinations, employed in explicit or implicit ways, and using a variety of hermeneutical strategies that range from continuity to discontinuity, what general theological themes are drawn from the Old Testament in Romans? First, Romans focuses considerable attention on the revelation of God, his character and his plan. The Old Testament is used as the foundation for expressing the key themes of salvation, judgment, sin, eschatology, redemptive history, and election, as well as for highlighting God’s character of mercy and wisdom, and the sovereign election and gracious promise. Second, Romans also looks to the Old Testament to shape human response in terms of both faith and ethics. Thus, the Old Testament provides the theological foundation for human awareness of sin (the need for salvation) as well as for human response of faith rather than works for salvation. The Old Testament also shapes human behavior, whether that means living faithfully in the midst of suffering, eschewing revenge, adultery, murder, theft, covetousness, and criticism., while embracing love for one’s neighbor and promoting unity within the Christian community. The Old Testament even provides ministry strategy for the church, whether that is reaching out to the Gentiles or extending the gospel to new regions."

Mark J. Boda, "The Old Testament and Romans:Interpreting the Scriptures Which Instruct and Encourage," in The Letter to the Romans: Exegesis and Application, McMaster New Testament Series, ed. Stanley E. Porter and Francis G. H. Pang, (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2018), 159.

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