Feb 11, 2019

New Acts Resource

I have been interested in the book of Acts for some time. It was the focus of both my master's thesis and doctoral dissertation. I have also had the opportunity to teach Acts verse-by-verse and thematically in a variety of contexts. So any new resource on Acts is going to pique my interest. Last week I noted that BiblePlaces was posting 28 days of
pictures corresponding to the 28 chapters in Acts. I also noted that they had released a new volume of their Photo Companion to the Bible series on the book of Acts. Having now viewed just a sampling of the photos, I think that this might be my favorite volume ever! My PowerPoint on Acts already consisted of nearly 700 slides and I know that it will need to get even bigger now. If you are planning to preach or teach this book you should at least consider adding this resource. And the good news is that BiblePlaces is offering it now at a special price.

Acts 1-12 has 1,700 photos: Reg. $99; This week: $59
Acts 13-28 has 2,500 photos: Reg. $129; This week: $79
The full collection has 4,200 photos: Reg. $149; This week: $89

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