May 27, 2019

The Chiastic Structure of Psalm 8

Many interpreters have noted the inclusion created by the first and last lines of Psalm 8. Other have suggested a chiastic arrangement. The one by Mark Futato is probably the best one I have seen. 

The majesty of the Creator (v. 2a [1a])
    The works of God’s fingers (vv. 2b–4 [1b–3])
        What is humanity? (v. 5 [4])
    The works of God’s hands (vv. 6–9 [5–8])
The majesty of the Creator (v. 10 [9]) 

Mark Futato, “Psalm 8: A Christological Perspective,” in Interpreting the Old Testament Theologically: Essays in Honor of Willem A. VanGemeren, ed. Andrew C. Abernethy (Grand Rapids, 2018), 219.

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