Jun 2, 2019

The Latest Issue of the Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member.

Sean A. Adams, Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremiah: A Commentary Based on the Texts in Codex Vaticanus
Reviewed by Edmon L. Gallagher

Samuel E. Balentine, Wisdom Literature
Reviewed by Katharine Dell

David Brack, Luke’s Legato Historiography: Remembering the Continuity of Salvation History through Rhetorical Transitions
Reviewed by Amanda Brobst-Renaud

Michael J. Chan, The Wealth of Nations: A Tradition-Historical Study
Reviewed by Brandon R. Grafius

Tova L. Forti, “Like a Lone Bird on a Roof”: Animal Imagery and the Structure of Psalms
Reviewed by David Cohen

Paul A. Holloway, Philippians
Reviewed by Akio Ito

Avi Hurvitz, From Genesis to Chronicles: Chapters in the Linguistic History of Biblical Hebrew [Hebrew]
Reviewed by Gary A. Rendsburg

Tzvi Novick, An Introduction to the Scriptures of Israel: History and Theology
Reviewed by Jeff S. Anderson

Cephas T. A. Tushima, The Fate of Saul’s Progeny in the Reign of David
Reviewed by Ralph K. Hawkins

Joseph Verheyden, Tobias Nicklas, and Elisabeth Hernitscheck, eds., Shadowy Characters and Fragmentary Evidence: The Search for Early Christian Groups and Movements
Reviewed by Hal Taussig

Ben Witherington III, Jesus the Seer: The Progress of Prophecy
Reviewed by James P. Sweeney

Shane J. Wood, The Alter-Imperial Paradigm: Empire Studies and the Book of Revelation
Reviewed by Joshua J. Coutts

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