Jun 22, 2019

The Latest Issue of the Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member.

David B. Capes, The Divine Christ: Paul, the Lord Jesus, and the Scriptures of Israel
Reviewed by Chris Kugler

Björn Corzilius, Michas Rätsel: Eine Untersuchung zur Kompositionsgeschichte des Michabuches
Reviewed by Burkard M. Zapff

Channing L. Crisler, Reading Romans as Lament: Paul’s Use of Old Testament Lament in His Most Famous Letter
Reviewed by Nicholas A. Elder

Brian Charles DiPalma, Masculinities in the Court Tales of Daniel: Advancing Gender Studies in the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by Susan E. Haddox

Russell E. Gmirkin, Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by Anthony L. Abell

Esther J. Hamori and Jonathan Stökl, eds., Perchance to Dream: Dream Divination in the Bible and the Ancient Near East
Reviewed by John R. L. Moxon

Fiona J. R. Gregson, Everything in Common? The Theology and Practice of the Sharing of Possessions in Community in the New Testament
Reviewed by Gordon Zerbe

Tat-siong Benny Liew, ed., Present and Future of Biblical Studies: Celebrating 25 Years of Brill’s Biblical Interpretation
Reviewed by Jione Havea

Jason Maston and Benjamin E. Reynolds, eds., Anthropology and New Testament Theology
Reviewed by Jonathan Douglas Hicks

Matthew L. Skinner, A Companion to the New Testament: Paul and the Pauline Letters
Reviewed by James N. Hoke

James W. Watts, Understanding the Pentateuch as a Scripture
Reviewed by Benjamin D. Sommer

Adam Winn, Reading Mark’s Christology under Caesar: Jesus the Messiah and Roman Imperial Ideology Reviewed by Michaël Girardin

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