Nov 4, 2019

The Love of God in the Prophets

Preachers are sometimes reticent to preach the Prophets because they see little relevance or practical importance in the literature. But note what Larry Walker has to say about the subject of love in the Old Testament.

"The prophets, utilizing a rich religious heritage, proclaimed a manifold love of God. The entire range of Hebrew vocabulary for love, loyalty, mercy, kindness and grace is used in preaching the message of Cod to the heirs of the covenant promises. It is in the prophetic books that the love of Cod is made vivid, being preached with great force and conviction."

Larry Walker, "Love in the Old Testament: Some Lexical Observations," in Current Issues in Biblical and Patristic Interpretation: Studies in Honor of Merrill C. Tenney Presented by his Former Students (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1975), 284.

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