Nov 19, 2019

Two Restrictions for a Theological Focus Statement

In Abe Kuruvilla's recent volume on preaching, he discusses what he calls a theological focus statement which, if I understand it properly, is a curated or distilled statement of what the author is doing in a given text. He gives two restrictions about the theological focus statement.
  1. That it shouldn't be an imperative since imperatives should be reserved for application.
  2. That it should not have any first or second person pronouns since presumably all God's people are being addressed.
But, I wonder about the second restrictions. I can see how a first person pronoun might not be the best. But would using something like "you" somehow impinge on the universality of the statement? I'm not so sure.

Abraham Kuruvilla, A Manual for Preaching: The Journey from Text to Sermon (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2019), 41

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