Dec 26, 2019

The Master's Seminary Journal: Fall 2019

You can access the entire journal for free with this PDF. Here is a list of the articles.

Are the Canonical Gospels to Be Identified as a Genre of Greco-Roman Biography? The Early Church Fathers Say ‘No.’
F. David Farnell

Job’s Eschatological Hope: The Implications of Job’s Redeemer for Social Justice
Jamie Bissmeyer

And How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher? A Biblical Theology of Romans 9–11
Gregory H. Harris

A Dynamic Relationship: Christ, the Covenants, and Israel
Cory M. Marsh

Romans 7: An Old Covenant Struggle Seen through New Covenant Eyes
Jay Street

The Reformation’s “Macedonian Call” to Africa—the Long Way Around
David Beakley and Johann Odendaal 

Implication and Application in Exposition, Part 2: Principles for Contemporary Application
Carl A. Hargrove

HT: Alf Cengia

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