Mar 6, 2020

Bring Your Greek and Hebrew Bibles to Church?

Andrew King argues not to do it here. I agree with much in the article but I think there are good reasons to bring the texts and ways to do so that mitigates some of the pitfalls. Bringing the texts to church simply provides me another way to keep up with the languages. I follow along when the text is being read or just take a quick read when there is some down time before or after the service or classes, etc. I don't bring my hard copy texts but I do have the texts on my phone and/or iPad. So unless someone is looking specifically at my device, they really can't tell what I am looking at. In the past, I have brought Hebrew and Greek texts but I did feel that doing so was not helpful. But I like the happy compromise of following along on my devices. I do agree that one needs to leave their academic snobbery at home though. 

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