Apr 24, 2020

Some Thoughts on Genesis 5:21–24

I recently did a talk on Hebrews 11:5 which focuses on Enoch. In preparation, I went back to Genesis 5:21–24. Here are some thoughts related to the Genesis passage.

1. It doesn’t take a long life, to live a meaningful life. Although Enoch lives 365 years, it is the shortest lifespan recorded in Genesis 5. In fact, his son lives nearly three times as long. Don't obsess with trying to out live everyone but strive live out whatever years that Lord gives you to his glory.

2. To walk with God is apparently uncommon. This can be noted in at least two ways. First, the Bible does not often speak of people “walking with God.” It is said of Noah (Gen 6:9) and by inference also of Abraham (Gen 17:1) but the commendation is not as frequent as one might think. Second, its relative rarity can be seen in that it is commended or said to please God. Apparently, not everyone does it. The Lord is not in the habit of handing out participation trophies.

3. Walking with God is a metaphor for relationship and harmony. One can walk by yourself. But one cannot "walk with" yourself. So "walking with" is relational. "Walking with" also requires at least some measure of harmony. Two people can go for a walk but they cannot walk together unless they are going in the same direction, at the same speed, at the same time, etc. "Walking with" requires, harmony. An example of having harmony and then losing it might be exemplified by Adam and Eve whose walk with God was seemingly affected by the Fall (Gen 3:8).

4. If you want to walk with God know that it requires at least three elements. First, you have to decide that you want to walk with God. It is not going to just happen. Second, walking with God requires direction. God is heading in a particular direction and he will not be deviating to go your way. So if you're going to walk with God you need to reorient yourself to his direction. Third, walking with God requires devotion. Walking with God is not something you do one day and then check it off your list. It is a consistent commitment of faithfulness and obedience. 

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