May 11, 2020

Seven Insights About God from Job 42

I recently watched a sermon from Chuck Swindoll entitled, “Seven Insights from Job About Our God” from Job 42:1–17. Here are his seven insights.There is nothing God cannot do (42:2)
  1. It is impossible to frustrate, hinder, or stop God’s purposes (42:2)
  2. God’s ways are beyond our understanding and too deep to explain (42:3)
  3. Only by focusing on God are we able to humble ourselves and rest in his will (42:5-6)
  4. When the day of reckoning comes, God demonstrates firm judgment mixed with great grace (42:7-9).
  5. No one can be compared to our God when it comes to blessings (42:10-15)
  6. Only God can fill our final years with a kind of music that frees us to live above our circumstances (42:16-17).

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