May 18, 2020

The Temple Mount Sifting Project Symposium

In celebration of Jerusalem Day, the Temple Mount Sifting Project will conduct a free symposium (via Zoom) on Sunday, March 24. The lecture schedule is below and include some new finds from the Herodian Temple Mount walls. It is free but you will need to register here.

16:00 Yuval Marcus, Live Demonstration of Remote Sifting the Temple Mount Soil

16:40 Zachi Dvira, Adopting to Covid-19 Reality with New Sifting Programs

17:00 Gabriel Barkay, The Story of the Temple Mount Sifting Project

17:50 Recess

18:10 Zachi Dvira, The Archaeology of the Temple Mount During the First Temple Period

19:00 Haim Shaham, The Maccabean Mint in Jerusalem – What the Coins Tell Us Today

19:40 Daniel Shani, Facing God: Burial Eastward of the Temple Mount Throughout the Generations

20:20 Aaron Greener, The Characteristics of the Terracotta Figurines from the Temple Mount Soil

21:00 Yoav Farhi, Names and Symbols: Jerusalem on Ancient Coins of the Land of Israel

Note that this schedule reflects Israel time. For my USA readers, Israel is eight hours ahead of the Central Standard Time zone.

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